Residency & Citizenship


  • For the all foreigners who want to stay legally in Turkey should apply for a residence permit before exceed 90 days.
  • Residences type in Turkey:
  1. Short-Term Residence Permit,
  2. Family Residence Permit,
  3. Student Residence Permit
  4. Long- Term Residence Permit

the Short-Term you can take it directly just by passing the country legally and after stay 8 years with renewal the Short-Term residence and without get out more that 120 days per year you can apply for long-Term residence.

  • The Requirements For it:
  1. Valid passport at least 60 days longer than residence period requested.
  2. Three clear photos.
  3. insurance you will take it from Turkey according to your age.
  4. The property contract to confirm about your address.

In cases where the person is under the age of 18, a deed of consent shall be given by his/her mother/father who lives abroad or by a legal representative.

  • The fees for the Residence:

A one year permit cost is normally around 250$- 300$ between the Residence Permit Card Fee, the Permit Fee and the Single Entry Visa Fee. 


  1. you should have a residence for 5 years at least for special kind of residency
  • Residence by own a property in Turkey .
  • The family residence.
  • The work permit residence.
  1. you must speak turkish in basic level.
  2. You must prove that your physical and mental health is sound.
  3. You must not have a criminal record .

when you complete those conditions you can apply in the nearest consultancy