Mega Içmeler|05


$3,000,000 $2,000,000



Project overview:

  • Mega Içmeler|05 Located only 3 km away from Bodrum; in a blue-flag beach in Içmeler,it were designed for you to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and sailing off to the stunningly azure seas. Having been built around the concept of “Places Without Borders”, the project combine gardens and houses at a seafront location, and utilize indoor and outdoor spaces as a whole.
  • Designed as “Exclusive Houses”, our project are a result of the meticulous work put in every detail that will make the inhabitant’s life easier, proving that a home does not necessarily need to have borders
  • The project go beyond the traditional architecture of Bodrum by merging interior and exterior spaces and considering landscape as part of architecture. This modern approach enables the inhabitants to live and move freely within the whole plot comprised of detached units. One of the distinguishing features of it is their design that allows the project to be viewed as a natural part of the peninsula on which it stands. The unique architectural structure, and materials used in construction will turn the summer heat into spring freshness within your own home.
  • With all units having private gardens, heated private pools and parking garages; the technology of the project offer their inhabitants all kinds of impeccable comfort and pleasure.

Location overview:

  • Only 3 km away from central Bodrum, the project comprising of single-detached, seafront houses offer a life of exclusivity and comfort within the city limits. All you need to do is enjoy living in your own private peninsula with a view of the Bodrum Castle and Black Island.
  • Allowing you to have the luxury of getting home with your private yacht; and located 20 minutes away from the Bodrum Airport and 5 minutes away from the Greek islands ferries, the easily accessible location of Mega Bordum|05 will offer you the most refined lifestyle within the city.
Property Type: Ready
  • County / State : Içmeler
  • Property Type : Villas
  • Project Size : 21 units
  • Units Type : 250 -600 m²
  • m² Range : -
  • Type Starting Price : 2 million$
  • Payment Plan : Cash
  • Completion Date : Ready
  • View : Sea view
  • Distance to Old Center : 6 km
  • Distance to Airport : -

Area & Invest Highlights


İçmeler is a popular Turkish holiday resort situated 8 kilometres from Marmaris.Nightlife is rather scarce in İçmeler. Restaurants and pubs usually feature live music, shows and acts until around midnight. After this time, the only entertainment available is generally the nightclubs. Many tourists enjoy the variation in entertainment, starting in the restaurants in the early evening, moving onto the pubs and mini-discos until midnight and then followed by the nightclubs anywhere up to 4am.
Prices in İçmeler have increased in recent years however the resort continues to compare favourably with the neighbouring resort of Marmaris, and is especially favourable when compared to the Eurozone.




Average Property Price: 320.700 TL (2 + 1 100 m2)
Average Rent Price: 5000TL (2 + 1 100 m2)




36 months