Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan in Turkey

There is no obstacle or legal impediment foreign prevented from getting a mortgage, but there are some conditions to be followed are as follows

  • The interest rate on the mortgage loan belonging stop according to the amount and type of loan.
  • Gives 70% at the most Menkamh the price of real estate mortgage loan, according to a report property expert who will present his report to the bank or the concerned authority to grant this loan.
  • Highlighting an official document of private income for alien hand concerned.
  • Stop the highest level of loan income provided value as well as the advanced age of the person to get it.
  • Installments payment will be 3 months at a minimum to a maximum of 120 months.
  • You can get the loan the Turkish lira, the dollar and the euro.
  • The bank guarantee for the same action cases of accidents, death, or the like.
  • You should not be less than the readiness of construction for 80% of the construction is to get a loan.
  • Maximum duration for the delivery of title deed is 3 months.

the documents required for anyone wishing to obtain a mortgage loan is

  • Tax Number.
  • Copy of passport.
  • In light of the document income, it is highlighted document related to tax this, or document a bank account for the last three months or Credit Card.
  • The document is related to the Department loans.
  • A copy of an official in his bill shows the title of the applicant’s.

The list of Turkish banks signed agreements with Middle East Banks

• Bank Asya – Bank of Asia
• Ziraat Bankası – Turkish Agricultural Bank
• Garanti Bankası – Turkish Security Bank
• Türkiye İş Bankası – Turkish Labor Bank
• Kuveyt Türk Bank – Kuwait Turkish Bank