About Us


Mega Property is the only provider of advanced solutions and offers that embraces all real estate industry sectors. Our dedicated to the highest professional and ethical standards.
We provide the Solutions basic on years of experience,which made us draw the best way to the client to reach his property then advice him to invest it in best way with many magic touches.

Our Vision:


Our Mission:


Our Mission is to inspire Investors, collaborate on ideas and joint venture on incredible opportunities to get extraordinary results together.

We are an experts in Real Estate and we have spent the last 15 years learning, teaching, speaking and searching for the perfect system [that would triple our income through just our investments] for ourselves and to be able to offer investors just like you. We’ve seen the challenges and the successes. Through it we’ve made connections and built KEY relationships with the top Deal Makers, Operators and Resources in the industry. Due to all of this.

We take a Unique Approach to get our client’s Extraordinary Results.

  • First, we assumed that our “target audience” or investors are smart, take action and are looking for someone they can build a portfolio with. Our Investors are Action Based Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, and Successful Professionals.
  • Second, we realized the people we were looking for were normal everyday people who just wanted a REAL solution to retirement and building a legacy for their families. So that’s what we became the best at, we wanted to be the ULTIMATE MEGA PROPERTY SYSTEM. We focus to just ONE THING and being the Perfect solution to that segment of investors. Because of our effort in our previous endeavor we realized that we can’t help everyone and be effective, all that ends up happening is a lot of busy work with no real results to speak of.
  • Third, we chose many locations and different kind of offers to suit many average of budget and gain the profit according to there risk and amount so we studied the whole offers and choose the best ones that we recommend depend of our experts.
  • Forth for you other targets to owning a property we will help you chose the most appropriate offer so that will make you reach what you need easily.

We have a saying at The Mega property Investor, Education + Investing = SUCCESS

Our Services:

“FROM BOOKING TO CONSULTING “Choose a property for you and with take benefit from a range of quality home-buying services.resources unmatched by any other real estate company in Turkey.
” ART OF INVESTMENT “Advice our client with the best way to invest in Turkey especially nowadays,by but the all principles in your hand with your profits.
“PLAN YOUR PROPERTY FUTURE”Our relationships will help to let you think clear about your property future and reflect the all results for you,first by surveys then on reality.

Our Priorities:
We serve the needs of all of our clients equally,Our agents put the needs of their clients first, always acting with the utmost integrity,We are supportive of each other’s efforts, and are encouraged to openly share our ideas Driven by passion.

Government Relationship:

Mega properties has an good common target with the government to administer the Act and must perform in fashion consistent with the government’s expectations and the terms of the Administrative Agreement.